Math / Mammal

by Wombaticus Rex x Es-K

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Just doing some diamond-cut singles for the love of the art. Enjoy.


released May 23, 2015

All tracks produced by Es-K

"Math" recorded and mixed by Walter Westinghouse for NEKtones

"Mammal" recorded and mixed by Michael Mocksary for Chowder Labs



all rights reserved


Wombaticus Rex Vermont

Northeast Kingdom. We rap.

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Track Name: Math
have you ever drawn back and looked at the raw math?
a hundred million hungry children who ALL RAP?
all dope as fuck, every single city blowing up
generations getting paid off the same stolen drums
for forty years running, something outta nothing
the infinite potential of vocals and percussion
expenses and exposure, FedEx printing posters
ghost with a street team, the legend of the loner
edit when I’m sober, fusing my fractions
and proving that music improves with subtraction
dividing my critics who denied me religiously
the angle of my cadence and the science in my symmetry
that graph paper flow, tracing golden ratios
algebra is arabic, but crackers claim it’s made in Rome
like your lil’ druggie bro, fronting how he runs the show
we own the whole production though, ran the numbers months ago

it goes 1, 2, 3, 5, eight
life is high stakes - live fire, live bait
it goes 1, 2, 3, 5, eight
educated primates made of sign language

breaking every law that Johannes Kepler ever saw
your fleshy arms are too short to measure God
...feed to reproduce, murder to survive
sleeping by the fire that’s been burning us alive
not the smartest monkeys on the block, but we got rocks and tools
been going crazy making language training dogs with food
...and building monsters just to watch ‘em move
calculation is the name of the game, thought you knew
proof is indisputable, properly composed
the geometry of growth … it’s the logical approach
leverage what you do know, laugh at what you don’t know
Socrates is awfully weak, Pythagoras? ...dope, though
...years in the making and it’s over in a moment
engineering, containing the explosion to control it
getting my precision down, killing a specific sound
didn’t quit and didn’t doubt, building out a business now

it goes 1, 2, 3, 5, eight
thinking sideways keeps your mind straight
it goes 1, 2, 3, 5, eight
educated primates made of sign language, GO
Track Name: Mammal
I’m a lucky man to have a job that I hate
I contemplate it walking to the office each day
it’s meditation … so while I want to complain
I’ve also got a lot of problems I could probably change
and probably should, learned to love the suit and the tie
I knew what it would do to my mind, but still my sense of humor survived
life’s a nightmare, the Universe is purposeless
but I’ve been homeless, it’s a lot worse than working is
ain’t exactly saying I love faking the funk
but waking up at seven every day every month’s
been doing me good - but man, good enough is rookie stuff
plus I hate admitting that I knew that it would
...used to complain how I was bankrupt
nowadays I’m calculating changes based on pay stubs
it’s all subtraction and it adds up, too
but dude you gotta do the math before the math does you

I’m a lucky mammal, which I tend to forget
I guess it’s like pretending I’m not destined for death, right?
gotta question what Success should even mean
when we’re landed on a planet that we’ve mostly never seen
humans being humans, man, easy to do
people need a place to sleep and eat food
and after that, what happens happens, I don’t mean to intrude
which reminds me, I should brush my teeth & clean up my room, too true
...used to point fingers, worst drug that I’ve done
always feels good, always dumber than dumb, though
a lot of people I was too stubborn to trust
before I found out hungry & young just wasn’t enough
...used to complain about my bank account, that’s kid shit
you figure out the system and you fix it
it’s all subtraction and it adds up, too
but dude you gotta do the math before the math does you