I See

by Wombaticus Rex

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If I could only play one track of mine for people, this would be that.


I look for common threads where it all connects
so I've got respect for those who try and talk to God direct
I hang around with dudes who claim they found the truth
go walking with Mohmammed and watch the mountains move
but nowadays, I'm getting lost in the music
talking to Buddhists, and messing with philosophy students
...there's six billion different approaches to wisdom
I chose to focus and listen in frozen lotus positions
...before the prophets and priests perverted the essence
and left us searching and guessing with circular questions
it's getting harder to explain the simple facts
when the whole entire structure of our language is a trap
plus...it's pretty easy these days to lose your patience
and forget that all these cages are just hallucenations
...cuz once you see what's hidden in plain sight
it's impossible to go back living the same life
I AM NOT AN AMERICAN....that's just a line in the sand
and we're all the same monkeys in the final exam
so I pledge alliegance -- to Ghandi, Malcolm X and Jesus
...all of whom died for the same pathetic reason:
if you show people a small portion of truth
they miss the point completely and start worshipping you
lost in the mix, balancing the profits and risks
with the desperation that makes this economy tick
cuz even in a world of talk shows and instant messages
I can hear the emptiness behind your hollow sentences
raised to be a slave to weed, alcohol and paper schemes
obsessed with ways and means, but too afraid to dream
and if those chains were undone, could you take it and run?
...or stand around, waiting for some savior to come?
do you feel like your living stranded on a prison plant?
with a whole generation just taking this shit for granted?
....look: if optimism is dumb, I'll BE stupid
and make some theme music for those who see through it
and leave the average human with the obvious conclusion
there's are no average humans, that's an optical illusion
the king is dead....and all his servants have to fake it now
all around the world, the Control Machine is breaking down
so keep your body and mind strong and alive cuz God is inside
.....and you're a monkey that's along for the ride
and this is just a rap, so I don't want nothing back
cuz I didn't give you shit...I just showed you what you had.


released January 1, 2005
Beat produced by DJ Multiple Sex Partners.

Recorded + Mixed at Liquid Wet Studios.



all rights reserved


Wombaticus Rex Vermont

Northeast Kingdom. We rap.

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